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Sinethemba Secondary Boarding School

Growing young Christian leaders for Africa

Since 2010 the Sinethemba Secondary School accommodates both boys and girls, with learners living in separate hostel facilities. This decision was taken in order to make way for day scholars from Dirkiesdorp and surrounding areas to attend Siyathemba Secondary School, while retaining the success recipe of the original Themba boarding school at Sinethemba. The integration of both boys and girls in one boarding school has been a huge success. Learners have shown true leadership in this regard, while the Principal, Mr Peter Musoke, has led this transition in an exemplary manner, supported by his team of committed educators.

Photo: The Sinethemba Secondary School is located on the campus of the Themba Residential Education Centre, in the beautiful ruralmountain area of south-eastern Mpumalanga, about 320km from Johannesburg and Nelspruit, 65 km from the Swaziland border and 550km from Durban.



Sinethemba Secondary School is a government school, operated under the auspices of the Mpumalanga Department of Education. All students live in the private Boarding facilities operated by the Themba Trust. This partnership is a proven model of excellence, producing 100% matric pass rates, and young leaders that succeed everywhere they go after school.

Because of its excellent reputation, the school attracts students from Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga urban areas. Many students from Swaziland also complete their high schooling at this school.

Traditionally one of the few schools that offer agricultural and technical subjects, since 2010 Sinethemba also offers business-related subjects, including Accounting, Business Economics and CAT (Computer Applied Technology). Students wishing to obtain university access are encouraged to complete Maths and Science subjects, both of which are a strength of the school.



Photo: Agriculture has always been a characteristic subject at Sinethemba. Now girls interested in becoming modern farmers can also learn about this field of study which has such an exciting future.




Holistic Education environment

One of the key characteristics of this school is that it is a drug-free zone: no use or selling of cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs by students are tolerated on the Sinethemba Campus.

A well-stocked library, DStv access and good sports facilities of the school are supplemented by a new Multi-media Centre at the privately-operated hostel, featuring Internet access for students for school project research purposes and an extensive extra-mural programme coordinated by the Themba Trust.

Because this is a school linked to a Christian, faith-based organisation, all students at Sinethemba participate in Christian religious education classes, morning and evening devotions, weekly Bible Studies and Church services.

Students are encouraged to develop musical and creative skills at the Themba Cultural Village while the various 'Ambassador Choirs' of the Themba Schools have recorded world-class CDs for fundraising purposes. (See 'Themba Music' tab in the menu above).



Photo: One of the traditional buildings at the Themba Cultural Village, where Sinethemba students learn various cultural activities and music.


Both the Sinethemba School and the hostel are undergoing ongoing renovations, all of which are environmentally sensitive. Read more about this here. A concerted effort is made to ensure that students become aware of nature and the impact their choices have on the environment. The location of this boarding school in a most beautiful mountain area in south-eastern Mpumalanga helps to connect students to nature.

The menu in the Themba Residential Education Centre is based on modern nutritional science, with fresh fruit and vegetables providing the ideal diet to feed both the body and the brain in an optimum manner.

The fact that many students at the Themba Residential Education Centre are from disadvantaged homes, means that all students become socially aware and are encouraged to develop a sense of community. Students from urban areas benefit from an environment which abounds in cultural and natural wealth, shifting their focus from the overtly materialistic city environment to more lasting values. Students from rural areas benefit from building friendships for life with other students from across the country, and share their cultural riches (traditional African singing, poetry, dancing and storytelling) with their urban friends.

Photo: Students are encouraged to develop their singing and performing arts talents through both Gospel, as well as traditional music groups.


The Themba Trust's network of friends in Germany and the United States of America, as well as in other parts of Africa, Europe and the rest of the world, exposes students to a multi-cultural environment, broadens their worldview and encourages them to be 'global citizens' that are rooted in local, African soil.



Photo: Themba students on a day trip with students from our partner school in Germany, the Otto-Hahn Gymnasium, a loyal supporter of the Themba schools for 15 years.



The new Prospectus for the Themba Education Centre, including the Sinethemba Secondary Boarding School, is available for downloading here.

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Space at Sinethemba Secondary School is limited by the hostel facilities available to 300 learners per year - 100 boys and 200 girls. Applications for Admission in 2012 open 1 August 2011 and will close on 31 October 2011.

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