Don't Let Go - Harlan Coben

Don't Let Go

By Harlan Coben

  • Release Date: 2017-09-26
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 240 Ratings
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With unmatched suspense and emotional insight, Harlan Coben explores the big secrets and little lies that can destroy a relationship, a family, and even a town in this powerful new thriller.

Suburban New Jersey Detective Napoleon “Nap” Dumas hasn't been the same since senior year of high school, when his twin brother Leo and Leo’s girlfriend Diana were found dead on the railroad tracks—and Maura, the girl Nap considered the love of his life, broke up with him and disappeared without explanation. For fifteen years, Nap has been searching, both for Maura and for the real reason behind his brother's death. And now, it looks as though he may finally find what he's been looking for. 

When Maura's fingerprints turn up in the rental car of a suspected murderer, Nap embarks on a quest for answers that only leads to more questions—about the woman he loved, about the childhood friends he thought he knew, about the abandoned military base near where he grew up, and mostly about Leo and Diana—whose deaths are darker and far more sinister than Nap ever dared imagine.


  • I’ve always been a fan

    By Meeh1
    And even though this isn’t a Myron book it’s so good! Its different than Harlan’s other books that aren’t apart of the Myron series. This was somehow more intense. Well worth the read!!
  • loved it!

    By dankmaster420
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  • 24 hours

    By Vbestbf
    I started this fantastic page turner and couldn't put it down until I finished it 24 hours later.
  • Hooray , I Loved the book!!

    By Mysteryjunkie
    Harlan's Back w a pretty great story!! It's hooks you in from the first few pages. The main character is awesome, so great you start thinking about who would play him in a movie. (Ryan Gosling) Then the pages start to fly by to the point I might have skipped some to get to the good stuff. A little verbose in parts, but the good stuff made up for it. I was a little hesitant about buying this book, the last one wasn't worth the read. I'm glad I purchased & read the new bestseller from Harlan Coben who may have lost his way but is back in true form . Thanks for a stay at home & do nothing day because I couldn't get my nose out of the book 👏🏼
  • Don’t Let Go

    By greyts
    Another excellent book by this author!! Clues are given, so pay attention. I missed some and was surprised at the ending. Must read!!!!!!!
  • 5 stars

    By BOD3
    Excellent, excellent book. One of his best.
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